StickFigure is a plotting and animation tool for C3D coordinate data. This is the file format used for storing both coordinate and analog data by VICON optical motion capturing systems. The program runs under Matlab 7 (release 14), and was mainly designed for aiding biomechanical research. More detailed information concerning the operation and data conventions can be found in the function documentation of the script files.

With StickFigure you can:

Screen Shots


Downloads - The actual program (38 Kb) - Demonstration trial files (2,70 Mb) - Seperate function for importing C3D data into the workspace (8 Kb)


Etract the contents of the installation zip file in a fresh folder, preferably in the vicinity of the Matlab toolboxes. Then add this folder to the path definition list. Typing "stickfigure" from the command prompt should then invoke the user interface.


This software is part of the public domain, and may therefore be distributed freely for any non-commercial use. Contributions, improvements, and especially bug fixes of the code are more than welcome.

Jasper Menger
Last update: 2011-jan-05